The do’s and don’ts of a motorway breakdown

Driving on the motorway can be bushy under the most favorable circumstances however in the event that your vehicle chooses to pack it in on the fast track, there are a couple of things you ought to do to guarantee you manage a motorway breakdown as securely as could be allowed.

Slow Down

In the event that you feel an adjustment in your vehicle’s exhibition demonstrating you may stall, begin to diminish your speed, yet don’t pummel on the brakes as it could cause a crash. Rather, gradually lift off of the quickening agent and utilize quiet, controlled braking to back off bit by bit.

Try not to pummel on the breaks, as it could cause a crash.

When to utilize the hard shoulder

Do utilize the hard shoulder if your vehicle actually won’t go any further and you can’t securely head to a spot further off the motorway.

Try not to utilize the hard shoulder to stop for some other reason than a crisis, and that incorporates latrine breaks, nibble breaks or to make a non-breakdown related call.

Halting securely on the hard shoulder

Do show you are going to pull over, halting as far to one side as could be allowed, turn your wheels to one side and put your risk and sidelights on.

Try not to stop over towards the correct hand side of the shoulder, switch off your lights or climb out by means of the driver’s side, else you hazard being hit by traffic.

What to do once securely stopped after a motorway breakdown

Do escape the vehicle by means of the driver’s side and guarantee your travelers all do likewise, whatever the climate.

Try not to take your safety belts off, and sit inside the vehicle while you trust that help will show up. You. Must. All. Leave. The. Vehicle. On the off chance that in any way, shape or form you genuinely can’t leave the vehicle, at that point you should have your risks on.

Once out of the vehicle

Do get off the hard shoulder and remain on the dike. At that point utilize your portable, or discover the closest crisis telephone on your roadside, to call the crisis administrations or your breakdown administration.

Don’t in any conditions stroll over the motorway to utilize that tantalizingly-close crisis telephone you’ve spotted on the opposite side, it’s both unlawful and profoundly hazardous.

Obviously we trust you never need to try these tips, however arrangement is critical to managing surprising occasions like a motorway breakdown, and you should ensure you have the best crisis administration breakdown spread conceivable under your vehicle protection approach.

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