Aluminum Ford Truck Repairs Not as Costly true to form

The expense to fix aluminum body boards on the Ford F-150 pickup truck isn’t as costly as once suspected, as per another investigation by the Highway Loss Data Institute.

Certifiable information gathered since the aluminum F-150 appeared in 2015 show that fix costs on the truck didn’t increment as much as those of its rivals, as indicated by the foundation. The discoveries disprove a prior investigation foreseeing the expanded utilization of aluminum would prompt costly fixes contrasted and customary steel trucks.

The HLDI analyzed case seriousness – characterized as normal misfortune installment per guarantee – of 2015-16 model-year trucks with their 2014 partners. That implied contrasting the aluminum F-150 and its prior steel variant. The Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 kept their steel bodies in those years.


While guarantee seriousness for the 2015 Ram, Chevrolet and GMC trucks rose by 4 to 7 percent contrasted and 2014 models, the 2015 F-150 expanded just 1 percent. Guarantee seriousness for the 2016 Ram, Chevrolet and GMC bounced by 12 to 21 percent more than 2014 models, while the F-150 expanded by 4 percent.

Studies by the HLDI demonstrate expanded utilization of aluminum in extravagance vehicles is related with a higher case seriousness. Yet, Ford utilized a few procedures to keep away from that issue.

The automaker brought down the cost of aluminum parts and raised the expense of those made of steel, the organization said. Portage utilized a secluded plan to rearrange the fix procedure. Furthermore, the automaker furnished vendors and body shops with limits when purchasing new aluminum fixing apparatuses.

“Passage has attempted to keep fix costs down for its aluminum-body truck,” said Matt Moore, senior VP at HLDI. “Yet, except if different producers make similar strides, there’s no assurance that these outcomes will remain constant for future aluminum-body vehicles from different makers.”

Different COSTS

And keeping in mind that Ford’s endeavors have attempted to keep guarantee seriousness down, the aluminum body accompanies different expenses. Aluminum F-150 models have a 7 percent higher impact guarantee recurrence, the foundation said. That could mean the body is all the more effortlessly harmed, the HLDI said. Also, fixes to the aluminum F-150 seem to take longer than those to steel trucks.

No maker has embraced aluminum for pickup trucks in the manner Ford accomplished for the 2015 F-150.

Be that as it may, fractional aluminum use in full-size trucks has expanded as of late. The procedure, known as “lightweighting,” means to lessen fuel utilization while expanding most extreme towing and payload limit.

This methodology helped the 2019 Ram 1500 diminish its weight by as much as 225 pounds. Furthermore, the 2019 Silverado dropped as much as 450 pounds.

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