Why Many People Are Considering London Motorcycle Training

If you are living in London and thinking about learning how to ride a motorcycle, rest assured there are many benefits to driving a bike. After taking an authentic London motorcycle training course and obtaining a motorcycle license, you will find many perks. These are just a few benefits of learning how to ride a motorbike.


Once you start riding a bike in London, you will notice how much more fuel-efficient a motorcycle is compared to a car. On a bike you can drive longer distances without having to fill up the tank. This is one of the main reasons so many people in London are opting to switch from a car to a motorcycle or scooter.

Affordable Insurance

Insurance is another reason many Londoners choose motorcycles over cars. While car insurance can cost up to �Â�£1000 a year depending on your premiums, motorbike insurance is about half that. Although insurance policies vary, you could be paying as little as �Â�£500 a year for motorcycle insurance. This figure varies depending on numerous factors including the design of the bike and the size of the engine. For example, a sport bike might command higher insurance premiums than a cruiser.


Unlike cars, motorcycles can squeeze into tight spots, which makes it easier to get around. A motorbike can go places that a car just can’t such as narrow dirt roads, alleyways and between other vehicles.

More Options for Parking

Because motorcycles are so much smaller than cars, they have far more options for parking. This includes places where there is no parking payment required.

Easy to Clean

Compared to cleaning a car, cleaning a motorcycle is much easier. With a motorcycle you only have to clean the outside, while a car requires cleaning inside and outside the vehicle. In fact, it can take as little as five minutes to clean a motorcycle.

Excellent Resale Value

Motorcycles typically have higher resale values than other types of vehicles. This means you can confidently invest in a motorbike knowing that you can sell the bike for nearly the same amount of money that you initially paid for it.

Learning to Ride a Motorbike

The best way to learn how to ride a bike is with a London motorcycle training course. For a nominal fee you can take the basic CBT training course or a full motorcycle training programme. The CBT course teaches you the fundamentals of riding a bike including rules of the road and how to control your bike. Full motorcycle training programmes include a written test and an on-road bike riding test.

To schedule your London motorcycle training, course simply complete an online form and put in a request to meet with an instructor for a lesson.

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