Thrustmaster T248 – The Best Racing Wheels

Thrustmaster T248

Designed for new racers, the Thrustmaster T248 racing wheels offer good quality for the price. With a base that includes a dashboard display, users can quickly change the wheel’s mode and view telemetry data. There is also a spring in the braking pedal to adjust the force needed to slow down or accelerate.

The T248 uses a hybrid force feedback system, which combines a series of belts and gears to give users more control and feedback. The X-Series racing wheel uses different textures and finishes, and includes a leather covering on the outer part of the wheel. The wheel is also light, which makes it easier to mount.

In addition to the wheel, the T248 comes with a pair of magnetic pedals. The pedals are designed to provide exceptional precision and control, rivaling real-life driving conditions. The pedals feature four different pressure modes for the brake pedal, and they plug into the racing column. They work with both the PS4 and Xbox One, and are compatible with Project Cars and F1 2021.

The T248 also includes a manual shifter. The shifters are a bit clunky, and they are not as smooth as the shifters on the Logitech G923. They are also quite a bit noisy, which can be distracting when playing through speakers.

The T248 steering wheel is also a little bit noisy, especially when the car is moving. While the display on the wheel can relay telemetry data, it does not support all games. It does have a small menu screen that allows users to change the basic settings. It also has a gear-change indicator, which helps make the wheel feel like a real car. The steering wheel also has encoders, which allow users to map a button to any two commands. These buttons can be mapped to the brake bias, steering wheel, or other preset mappings.

The T248 steering wheel is similar to the Logitech G923, but it has better force feedback. The T248’s force feedback includes the positives and negatives of gears, which is a nice touch. The wheel is also compatible with a variety of different racing games. It also comes with a manual shifter and a handbrake, which are both great additions.

The T248 is also designed to be compatible with other peripherals. Its base is made of plastic, which makes the wheel and base very affordable. It also includes 25 action buttons and magnetic paddle shifters. It is compatible with the PlayStation 4, Windows 10, and Xbox One.

While the T248 is good for beginners, it can be difficult to maneuver in some games. Its LCD screen is not compatible with all games, but it is a nice feature for slower-paced games. The LCD screen can also show lap times and other information. There is also a spring in the pedals to adjust the braking pressure, which makes it easier to change the way you brake.

Lastly, the T248 racing wheels are compatible with the PlayStation 4 and PC. Although the steering wheel is not as powerful as the T300RS, it performs very well.

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