Lucid Motors Announces Air Pure EV

Whether you are looking for an efficient family car or you want to go electric, the Air Pure EV could be the perfect vehicle for you. It is a lightweight, highly efficient electric vehicle that has plenty of power. In fact, it offers 620 horsepower. In addition, it features a dolphin-shaped undercarriage, ultra-lightweight composites, a Surreal Sound Pro speaker system, and rapid charging.

620 horsepower

Originally Lucid planned to produce 20,000 vehicles this year. Now the company has cut that target to 12,000-14,000 vehicles. As for future models, Lucid will reveal more information in 2024. The company will also share updates on its Gravity SUV.

Lucid has introduced two new Air models, Air Pure and Air Touring. Both of these vehicles are powered by two electric motors. The Air Pure delivers 480 horsepower and the Air Touring is a bit more powerful, with 620 horsepower.

The Air Touring is EPA-approved and has a higher range rating than the Air Pure. It also offers more options. It can be ordered with an open pore wood trim and real leather upholstery. There is also the option of a massive glass roof. It is available in the new paint color called Fathom Blue.

Ultra-lightweight composites

During the last decade, the automotive industry has experienced a quantum shift in the way it builds and distributes parts. Advanced composites are playing a key role in reducing the weight of vehicles while maintaining their safety and performance. With government fuel efficiency standards, automakers are pushing to use the latest and greatest in lightweight auto parts.

A recent study found that advanced composite materials can cut weight by half while delivering a 35 percent increase in fuel efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy is funding research and development of technologies that reduce deployment costs by up to 50 percent.

Rigid polyurethane foam pellets are cut into varying densities and combined with a polyurethane resin matrix to form lightweight composites. Composites have a number of properties, ranging from compressive strength to volume resistance to surface resistance.

Dolphin-shaped undercarriage

Earlier this week, California-based luxury EV maker Lucid Motors rolled out the first round of tidbits announcing its most high-end car to date: the Air Pure. We already know that this high-performance sedan will come in both all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive variants, and that it will be priced in the mid to high five-figures range. Now, in addition to the all-wheel-drive Air Pure, Lucid has announced a rear-wheel-drive version of the Air Pure, set to roll out in 2023. Aside from being the newest and most powerful EV in the Lucid lineup, the Air Pure will also boast a pair of impressive technologies. In addition to the standard battery pack, the Air Pure will sport an 18-module extended-range battery pack, allowing drivers to enjoy a full-day’s worth of driving without recharging. The battery will also be able to take advantage of Lucid’s in-house Wunderbox charging technology, allowing for a full 200-mile charge in less than 15 minutes.

Rapid charging

EVs that are equipped with fast charging capabilities are capable of extending their driving range. However, fast charging creates adverse effects on the power system. This is particularly true when DC fast charging is used. Typically, rapid charging only exceeds 80% of the battery’s SoC.

In order to achieve the maximum rapid charging speeds, the charger needs to be capable of handling a high current demand. This can superimpose on peak-hour consumption. It also increases the loss of charging power, which leads to more heat.

Lucid Motors has long claimed that the Lucid Air Dream Edition would be the fastest charging electric vehicle on the market. However, they haven’t released any details.

Lucid’s testing showed that it has the potential to achieve charging speeds much faster than the Tesla Model S. The Dream Edition achieved a peak charging rate of 297 kilowatts. It also took 37 minutes to reach 80% state of charge, a time that was faster than the Tesla Model S’s 84 minutes.

Surreal Sound Pro speaker system

During the SXSW show, Lucid Motors introduced their upcoming Lucid Air luxury sedan, which is powered by Dolby Atmos. This is the first automobile to offer a surround sound audio system inside. The Lucid Air will be able to reach speeds of 60 miles per hour in less than 2.5 seconds. Lucid Motors expects to begin shipping Lucid Airs in the second half of 2021. The Air has an EPA-estimated range of 406 miles.

Lucid Motors’ Surreal Sound audio system uses a 21-speaker set-up to give drivers an immersive experience in the cabin. The system uses directional acoustic signaling to place sounds anywhere within the vehicle’s cabin. It includes a rear-speaker array for surround sound. The system is designed to give drivers an experience like a concert.

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