Wheel Buyer’s Guide

When you get right down to it, there’s nothing—not even fresh paint—that changes a car’s appearance like a new set of wheels. But, how do you find a set that’s right for your vehicle? The process of wheel and tyre fitment is more challenging than it seems, but in our easy guide, we’ll walk you through it.

Steel vs. Alloy

There’s a big difference between steel and alloy wheels, and your choice will depend on what you need performance-wise. Begin by learning some basic wheel anatomy as shown in the sections below.

Bolt Pattern

This is one of the most important fitment issues to consider when buying a wheel and tyre package. If the bolt pattern is incorrect, the wheels just won’t fit. Before shopping for wheels and tyres, be sure to find your vehicle’s bolt pattern.

Lug- or Hub-Centric

Another common issue arises when buyers and sellers don’t know about hub- and lug-centric concepts. When buying mag wheels, it’s important to know the difference and how to find the right fit.

Construction and Composition

Wheels are built in numerous ways, with their construction determining which types of driving they’re suited to. High-performance, light forged alloys aren’t great for family cars, but they’re fantastic for race-ready vehicles.


The finish on a set of Speedy wheels makes a significant difference in how they look and how you’ll care for them. Whether you’re looking at polished, chrome, machined, or painted wheels, it’s crucial to know about these finishes and their care requirements.

Buying Wheels and Tyres Online

Our online shop is a great place to find Australia’s highest-quality aftermarket wheels. We have a wider selection that most brick-and-mortar stores, and because we have lower overhead, we offer better prices, too. Call today to talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable wheel and tyre fitment experts. Or to learn more about buying rims and tyres online, step by step, visit this website.

Plus- and Minus-Sizing Tyres

If you are changing your wheel size, you’ll have to buy different tyres as well. It’s essential to choose the right size, as ratios must be carefully determined so the total diameter of the tyre and wheel combo remains the same. Learning about minus- and plus-sizing will make the fitment process simpler and prevent trouble in the future.

Avoiding Wheel Damage

Australia’s roads are full of hazards, from high kerbs to road grime. Knowing how to prevent wheel damage will minimize the need for costly repairs or replacements. Manhole covers, potholes, and train tracks can damage and break your Fuel rims, and while there’s no way to prevent these road hazards, there are a few simple defenses.

A Few Closing Thoughts

A new set of wheels and tyres is one of the best things you can buy for your vehicle, whether you’re driving a commuter car, a race-ready speedster, or an off-road truck. Finding the right set can be quite difficult, but we are here to help. Request more information on our products via our online contact form or call us today to get started. With fast, discreet shipping throughout Australia, we’re the country’s best place to find new wheels and tyres!

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