The Most Innovative Car Technologies to Look Out For

Today’s car technologies offer a host of innovative features to make driving safer and more enjoyable. These include features like lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking system and more.

Technology is constantly developing, offering us new ways to enhance the driving experience. To stay ahead of the curve in 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the most exciting car technologies you should watch out for in 2021.

Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Keeping Assist is one of the latest car technologies, helping make roads safer for everyone. This feature helps prevent accidents caused by drivers swerving in and out of their lanes due to fatigue, inattention or visibility issues.

The system constantly scans painted lane markings to detect drivers swerving in their lane without an activated lane change signal. When it detects this behavior, it displays an alert on the dashboard, emits a beeping sound or sends haptic feedback to the steering wheel.

In some cases, this involves a simple push back or nudge of the steering to keep the vehicle in its lane; however, in others systems it may be more complex. In some instances, systems may even be capable of steering themselves to some degree.

Teen Driver

The Most Innovative Car Technologies to Watch Out for

If your teen driver is behind the wheel, there are a host of awesome technologies you can install in your new vehicle that are specifically designed to keep them safe. Some examples include teen-driving monitoring technology, which keeps tabs on their driving habits and provides you with a report card after every trip they take.

Another feature is lane departure warning and lane maintenance alerts, which instruct your teenager to stay in their designated lane or alert them if they drift over the center line. Blind spot threat detection, which monitors the area in front of their car to alert them if a car approaches from behind, also helps keep them safer when changing lanes.

Finally, many of these systems come equipped with built-in telematics that will send you alerts if your teen drives too quickly or goes beyond curfew. This can be an especially handy feature when they’re traveling to unfamiliar places.

Blind Spot Alert

Blind Spot Alert is a safety feature designed to reduce the risk of lane change crashes. It uses sensors to monitor road space behind your car and can alert you with an indicator light if someone drives in your blind spot area when changing lanes.

This can help reduce the frequency of lane change accidents, which are one of the leading causes of auto accidents in America. Furthermore, it helps minimize injuries and expenses caused by a lane change accident.

The basic system utilizes radar or ultrasonic sensors to detect a vehicle approaching from behind in an adjacent lane, and activate an indicator light and audible warning sound.

Driver Monitoring

Driver Monitoring is a system that monitors drivers’ alertness levels and can identify signs of drowsiness or distraction. It may sound an alarm, notify passengers, and send messages to the gauge cluster or infotainment display.

Driver monitoring systems offer a secure way to prevent accidents caused by distracted driving. They also enable fleets to more effectively manage and oversee their drivers’ performance.

DMSs can assist companies in optimizing their routes, guaranteeing timely deliveries and improving workflow efficiency. This is especially advantageous for drivers since it saves them time and reduces stress levels.

Some DMS systems can be programmed to adjust climate control, infotainment preferences, side mirrors and seat position for added comfort and safety during driving.

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