Hands of a Car Mechanic Working in Auto Repair Service

This image shows the hands of a male mechanic working on a car engine. The car is streaked with oil and dust as the mechanic works on it. In the background, the mechanic stands over a workbench and a car jack. The car mechanic is smiling and holding his tools. This image is an example of a professional auto mechanic working in an auto repair service. It is a rare moment in everyday life and a wonderful reminder of the mechanics who fix our cars.

Besides being physically fit, the hands of a car mechanic must be in excellent condition. The job requires a lot of standing and walking, as well as impressive hand-eye coordination. Mechanics may need to communicate with customers before and during repairs. Some work in auto repair services require them to use hoists. Aside from hand-eye coordination, auto mechanics must have good knowledge of car parts.

Before a customer authorizes the work, he must ask for all replaced parts. The bill must indicate the quality of the replacement parts. It should also indicate the odometer reading when the car was left for repair, and the promised delivery date. The final invoice should match the written estimate. Besides, the mechanic must give a detailed invoice to the customer. The customer should compare the written estimate with the final invoice.

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